Reasons to Get Your Tooth Extracted

Tooth extraction is a fairly painful procedure, and your gums might require a lot of time to recover from the soreness. You will also have to get some kind of tooth implant to treat the space left by the extracted tooth. With such facts, why would anybody want to put themselves through such pain?

Reasons to get a tooth extraction

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There are several reasons why adults have to get their teeth extracted. Some reasons why a tooth extraction might be needed are as follows.

·    Orthodontia aims at properly aligning the teeth in your mouth. If the mouth is crowded or your teeth are crooked, you will have to get a few extracted to get them in line. Putting braces requires extractions to make room for the natural teeth that will be pulled backward.

·    Tooth decay is the biggest reason why tooth extractions are carried out. Tooth pulp decay can be excessively painful. This infection can be removed through a Root Canal Treatment. In case the RCT fails, you will have to get your tooth extracted to get rid of the infection.

·    Periodontal diseases are infectious, and if even one tooth gets affected by it, it has to be extracted. This is done to prevent the infection from affecting all your teeth and complicating the case.


Getting a tooth extraction in Northglenn is inevitable in your life, even if you follow an exemplary oral hygiene routine. There are several reasons to get your tooth extracted. A good dentist will be able to get you the best out of the procedure.